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Trees donated by Return to Sender as at 01/05/2024
trees for survival

What is the Native Tree Programme?

We donate one native tree for every casket purchased displaying the Trees for Survival logo. We’re very proud to support their environmental education programme working with young Kiwis. When choosing a Return to Sender casket, the native tree we donate on your behalf creates a living legacy of your loved one. One pine tree can make 10 or so caskets, which means we give back more trees than we use.

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Who are Trees for Survival?

Trees for Survival is a charitable trust that delivers an educational environmental programme in schools. It sees students growing and planting native trees to restore natural habitats by helping landowners revegetate erosion-prone land, improve stream flow and water quality and increase biodiversity.

Primary through to high school students are involved: high school students use this as part of the NCEA requirements. Trees for Survival not only provides practical experience for our children, they’re also educating our future generation who will one day be responsible for New Zealand.

How does the programme work?

The Native Tree Programme donates monthly to Trees for Survival. The trees are planted across Whangarei, Auckland, Waikato, Bay of Plenty and Wellington. The students nurture locally-sourced seedlings until they’re big enough to plant.

During May to August, the students plant the native trees on at-risk land to improve waterways, erosion and wetlands. These planting areas are carefully maintained over the years to ensure maximum tree growth. Trees for Survival monitor these areas to provide evidence of land and waterway improvements, including water testing to show cleaner water.

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Can we be involved with the planting?

Yes, we’d love you to! It’s a beautiful way to celebrate a loved one. We work directly with the schools to help the students with their planting days. Space is limited so if you’d like to join in, please email us to register your interest. We’ll contact you with more information when planting days have been confirmed within your region.

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