Handcrafted and environmentally friendly

We believe that your final footprint should be a small one. That’s why we design caskets with the environment in mind. Guided by the principles of simplicity, minimalism and natural materials, we maximise the materials we use. And we donate one native tree for each of our caskets displaying the TREES FOR SURVIVAL logo.

Our sustainable approach
How to buy

Talk to your local funeral director

Our caskets and urns are available from any funeral director in New Zealand. If they don’t stock the casket you’d like, we’ll ship it to them. If you’d like to discuss your needs, please talk to your local funeral director or you can contact us directly.

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Designed to celebrate and showcase your loved one’s personality

Award-winning eco-friendly design

A lot of thought goes into Return to Sender caskets: from what people want, to how we can minimise waste. Our designs have the planet in mind, are beautiful to look at and celebrate your loved one’s life, personality and beliefs.

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About us

Our story is about passion and people

It was the passing away of beloved fathers that first started the idea of Return to Sender, with their caskets not accurately reflecting their lives and loves. An opportunity was spotted to create highly personal caskets that honour the environment and loved ones.

Our story
Eco-friendly caskets
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Environmentally friendly caskets and urns - your last footprint should be the smallest

Return to Sender offer unique handcrafted caskets. Our passion for the environment inspired us to develop clever design techniques that maximise natural resources and minimise the use of metal. Our simply beautiful caskets celebrate natural materials and your loved one’s life. We have become a respected leader in eco-friendly caskets.


Eco-friendly caskets are designed to suit a range of budgets and styles

Our range of eco-friendly caskets are designed to suit a range of budgets and styles. This includes caskets which are handcrafted from untreated timber with as little artificial components as possible. We also have a traditional range, as well as a contemporary one. Our gallery range can be personalised to suit your loved one’s beliefs and lifestyle.


eco-friendly urns are designed to suit a range of budgets and styles

Whatever casket you choose, there’s a matching urn. We offer urns in native wood, and in rimu. Our rimu urns have their own grain markings, growth rings and knots making each one truly unique. Solid pine urns can be colour matched to your chosen casket. There are also New Zealand-made ceramic urns and bamboo scatter urns for gentle scattering of ashes.

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