How to buy

I need a casket now

You can get a Return to Sender casket from any funeral director in New Zealand. Some have stock in their casket rooms and if they don’t stock a particular casket we will ship directly to them from depots in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch.

You’re welcome to call us and discuss your needs and options – ph 0800 263 346 [0800 COFFIN] – or talk to your local funeral director.

Our brochure can be downloaded here.


I am planning ahead

If you are planning for the future and want to ensure your funeral wishes are followed print out our PDF Certificate of Wishes Certificate of Wishes  and keep it with close family or where they could easily find it.



Anyone interested in licensing any of our designs for manufacture in other markets can email us or phone us on +64 9 625 7326

The Artisan casket is available in most states, manufactured under licence by Ashton Manufacturing.  Please contact Ashton Manufacturing  or us with any enquiries.

Phone +61 7 5509 0555  or  within Australia 1300 263 346