Handcrafted with care from natural materials

Made in and of New Zealand

We believe that your final footprint should be a small one. That’s why we design caskets with the environment in mind. Guided by the principles of simplicity, minimalism and natural materials, we maximise the materials we use, donate one native tree for each casket, and use in-house expertise to minimise the use of metal and plastic materials.

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Maximum material usage

Choose a casket that truly represents your loved one (or you, if you’re the super organised type) without harming our beautiful New Zealand environment. We maximise all the materials that Mother Earth loans us. This includes minimising waste by first laying out the components to be cut out of the timber panels.


Showing some eco love

Water-based paints and finishes, natural waxes and untreated timber produce naturally beautiful caskets and urns that respect the environment. Any offcuts are repurposed into urns or donated to schools or staff for use in their own projects, the crafty lot. Even the packaging we receive from suppliers is reused or recycled for maximum earth-loving.


Yes to natural alternatives

Showcase your loved one’s personality by personalising a casket with images or special messages. These are then printed directly onto the casket with natural inks – no harmful vinyl in sight. Extend this care inside: casket mattresses are crafted from the wool of New Zealand sheep, with an eco-friendly cornstarch lining.

One native tree for every casket made
From the day we started to now (and beyond), we donate one native tree for every casket we make.

Planet-friendly design

Our in-house designed technology showcases some real Kiwi ingenuity. We’ve developed ways to minimise the use of biodegradable metal fixtures, like screws and nails. Although we minimise the use of metal, we still use it so the lasting nature of the casket isn’t compromised. Instead we use our unique Biscuit joiner: it holds corners in place, reducing the need for metal fixtures.

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Sustainably sourced wood

All the timber we use is sourced from sawmills that have Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Chain of Custody Certification. This means that their timber products must be derived from a responsibly managed forest. Not only is our timber sustainably sourced, we make good use of it to boot. One pine tree makes around 10 caskets, plus urns in offcuts.

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