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Planning a funeral is a difficult time, with lots of different things to think about. The most important thing is to be kind to yourself and give yourself time to grieve. A funeral director will guide you through planning your loved one’s funeral, making it as simple and stress-free as possible.
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Funeral pre-planning

Pre-planning isn’t just about making sure your funeral wishes are recorded. It’s about helping your loved ones after you’re gone. By recording your wishes, your family will be comforted that they’re giving you the goodbye you wanted (although they’re free to make any changes they’d like). You can even pay for your funeral in advance, easing your loved ones’ financial worries.


Choosing a funeral director

Choosing the right funeral director ensures that a difficult time is as simple and straightforward as possible. To help you choose the right one for you or your loved one, think about things like checking that their funeral directors and embalmers are qualified and whether help is available 24/7.

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Natural burial area

Natural burials

As well as choosing an eco-friendly casket, you can also choose a natural burial. All Return to Sender caskets are suitable for a natural burial, subject to any adornments you might add. A natural burial usually involves a shallower grave, no embalming, your loved one dressed in natural fibres, and the planting of trees or shrubs over the burial site.

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