Archetype Silver Beech (Tawhai)
  • Includes mattress kit
  • Matching nameplate
  • 3 sizes available
  • Sustainable timber from South Island

A modern take on a traditional shape. Finely finished Silver Beech casket with a subtle wax sheen to highlight the unique grains.

The rail handles are gently steamed to curve along the length of the casket that provides room for more than the traditional six pallbearers. The interior is a feature and does not need to be hidden with fabric. The lid is secured by wooden keys (supplied) and can be clipped to the sides when open.

Silver beech (Tawhai) is sourced from Southland’s natural and second-growth forests. The timber colouring has a variable light brownish-pink tone, with lighter shades like maple, while darker shades are closer to cherry. Its fine straight grain with the occasional wavy butt bestows a silvery sheen to the wood.

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