Tree count as of 31 December 2018: 11,442


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Return to Sender donates a tree for every casket made. We have partnered with Trees for Survival; an environmental education scheme working with schools and communities across New Zealand. The trees donated are more than a living legacy of your loved one, it is an opportunity to give back to the environment, therefore, leaving a gift for our future generations.


Trees for Survival

Who are Trees for Survival?

Trees for Survival is a charitable trust that facilitates an educational environmental programme in schools, with students growing native trees for planting on at-risk-land, through sponsorship and support from local authorities and businesses, both national and international.  Primary through to High Schools are involved; High Schools students use this as part of the NCEA requirements. Trees for Survival not only provides practical experience for our children, they also are educating our future generation who will one day be responsible for New Zealand.


How does the programme work?

Return to Sender donates monthly to Trees for Survival, our trees will be planted within our nominated regions; Whangarei, Auckland, Waikato and Wellington. The schools partnered with Trees for Survival will nurture the seedlings that have been sourced locally until they are big enough to plant.

During May to August, the school children plant the native trees on at-risk-land to improve waterways, erosion and wetlands. These planting areas are carefully maintained throughout the years to ensure maximum growth of the trees and monitored to provide evidence of land and waterway improvements. Trees for Survival keep an ongoing record of evidence on how the planting of trees has improved the environment increase in animals in wetlands, water testing to show cleaner water.


Can we be involved with the planting?

Yes. Return to Sender representatives work directly with the schools to assist the children with their planting days. Spaces are limited so if you want to join us please email to register your interest. We will contact you with more information when planting days have been confirmed within your region.