The idea behind Return to Sender eco caskets began when designer, Greg Holdsworth, returned suddenly to New Zealand upon the death of his fatherin-law. Having returned to Auckland Greg and his wife, Leanne, came to grips with the body laid to rest in a coffin in the family home then noticed something just wasn’t right.

While standing by the coffin Greg noticed the ‘metal’ handles weren’t cold and discovered they were, in fact, plastic made to look like metal. On closer inspection he discovered that the coffin wasn’t what it seemed either, it was MDF with a plastic woodgrain applied to the outside. Even the lining material was artificial. If the environmental aspects of this discovery wasn’t enough he was struck with a feeling that the values of the coffin in no way matched the values of the man.  Mike Jones was passionate about timber and spent his weekends rebuilding wooden sailing boats.


Some years later Greg’s own father died. It wasn’t easy sourcing an authentic coffin – this became another experience that contributed to the formation of Return to Sender. Why should you be treated in death differently to the way you live your life? Return to Sender is committed to allowing you to be aligned with your values at this difficult time. An authentically lived life deserves an authentic ending.


   Values – What is important to us?