Return to Sender was the subject of a  case study by the Ministry for the Environment. Focused mainly on the environmental benefits but also discusses plywood in terms of it being an iconic kiwi material, aesthetics, simplicity and social benefits derived from the low sides of the Artisan.

The report recognises that the influence of design can have benefits beyond those achieved by replacing a toxic product with an environmentally preferable one.

A product that goes beyond this can become eco-iconic and help forward sustainable thinking to influence product manufacture and consumption.

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“The printed coffin [Wayfarer] was very much a talking point and impressed a lot of people. The simple waxed wood and strong leather suited my Father’s artisan background admirably. I had recreated the nose art he had painted on his own Lancaster in 1944 and the photo of him in his rear turret was from his 90th birthday party. Thanks for making this possible and for you great work in getting the coffin ready at such quick notice”. (see the photos on Facebook)

-Brett Whyte

“My sister and I cremated our beautiful mother recently in a Return to Sender Artisan casket. We really appreciated the casket as a more sustainable option than a conventional one. We also liked the greater accessibility the casket gave us when it was open. The tactile qualities of the plywood, and even its ability to absorb tears, were welcome improvements on a traditional casket with its cold, formal look. We know our mum would have been delighted to have been sent off in the Artisan casket, and would recommend it to anyone looking for an eco-friendly celebration of a family member’s life.”

–Simon Noble, Dunedin

“It has fresh ideas, very clever. I like how it clips together, and its usability. It is ahead of its time. It attracts a lot of attention in the showroom. It is good to have an eye to the future regarding emissions at crematoriums and the use of natural materials.”

–Craig Little, Davis Funeral Services
(referring to the Artisan casket)