We do our very best to make contemporary caskets designed with the planet in mind available to you and your families. To do this we work with funeral directors right across New Zealand and we stock the caskets there and in storage facilities in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch.

The practicalities of designing with the planet in mind start when Greg is coming up with an idea. The type of material used, the weight of the material, the ability to use material efficiently and use waste, the ability to make other products from the waste, how the casket can be structurally sound with minimum glues.

There is no casket that has no environmental footprint so we plant a native tree for every casket used to make some contribution toward the environmental cost of our caskets.

Leanne at 2012 tree planting in Manukau

Tree planting

We are always looking for ways of doing things that help us minimise the environmental impact of the products we make. We use natural materials as much as possible like untreated timber, corn starch lining, wool fleece, natural oils and waxes and fixings that will break down easily.


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