UK Funeral trends

United Kingdom's CO-OP FuneralCare directors have recorded trends of 500,000 funerals conducted in the last five years and the views of 4000 British adults, the report reveals the most unique things people have asked to take with them and highlights future expectations when it comes to casket keepsakes.

It is hard not to notice how the traditional funeral is now changing. Where once religion settings were at the forefront an increasing number of families are choosing alternative locations and are requesting celebrants opposed to religious leaders.  Direct cremations are on the increase and aren’t always driven by financial reasons.  The full funeral services are being challenged by get-togethers to celebrate the life of the deceased, with the belief that the wake is more important. For families who still understand the importance of a funeral, personalising and/or theming the funeral is gaining popularity.

Co-op Funeralcare’s Burying Traditions report provides an in-depth look at the way we are now saying good-bye.

View the full copy of the CO-OP FUNERALCARE TREND REPORT 2019

Top 20 most unusual items asked to place inside a casket

  1. Chinese takeaway
  2. A false leg
  3. A mobile phone
  4. Wizard of Oz costume
  5. A violin
  6. A pair of clown shoes
  7. A set of skis
  8. Argos catalogue
  9. Guitar
  10. Pork pie
  11. A scone, cream and jam
  12. Toffee crisp
  13. Broomstick
  14. An autographed tennis ball
  15. Dustpan and brush
  16. Playing cards
  17. Fishing rod
  18. Half a bar of chocolate
  19. A wedding dress
  20. A Russian doll

Furthermore, British humour rings true as a sixth (15%) of people anticipate a great escape, opting for torches and mobile phones within their coffins. Others wanted an alarm button.


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