Tree planting in Paeroa

Return to Sender joined Goldfields Special School to plant natives along the Ohinemuri River, Paeroa.


For every casket we sell, we donate a seedling to Trees for Survival.  With the support of Funeral Homes and families choosing a Return to Sender casket we have donated over 2,000 these past 12 months.

Goldfields School tenderly cared for and grew over 550 natives to plant along the Ohinemuri River.   Digging holes on a steep bank along the riverside is tough work, luckily the Goldfields students were supported by senior students from other local primaries and Paeroa College.   We managed to get all the natives planted within 2 hours!!

Julie and Billy Bichon tagged along for the day to help and handed out much deserved water and treats to the hard workers.  Julie was tasked with a very important job ‘The Pukeko Test’, which is to try and pull out the freshly planted natives, if you can then so can a pesky pukeko ruining all students planting efforts.  If the natives failed the Pukeko test then we stomped on the soil around the seedling compacting it tight enough so they cannot be pulled out.

Goldfields School

Trees for Survival

Waikato Enviroschools

‘Te Pai o Hauraki’ marae

Paeroa College

Paeroa Central School

St Joseph’s Catholic School, Paeroa

Netherton School


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