Parenting our children after we die

As a parent of young children (or even adult children), it would be comforting to know how to still be there for them if you depart from this world too soon.

New York Times columnist Susan Gubar, who is living with cancer, shares her strategy on preparing to parent her daughters after death.

Following the lead from other cancer patients, Susan is writing two letters to each of her daughters and step-daughters. The first one “What’s Where” hopefully to be given before she departs with funeral wishes, computer passwords, lawyer details all the important practical information.    The second “A letters to my daughters” is more like a journal which Susan regularly adds to recalling treasured moments during their lives together.  The plan is to print the letters off to give to her girls in hope that it buffers them from the misery that ensues when a parent dies.  Sadly Susan will never know if her good intentions to comfort will transpire.

Source: Parenting our children after we die

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