Natural burial ground opens in Auckland

Return to Sender was honour to be invited to the opening of the Waikumete Cemetery's Natural Burial Ground.

 Roscoe Webb, Cemetery Manager, took Return to Sender and other Funeral Home representatives through the development of the Natural Burial ground and the long term vision to create a lasting legacy in the midst of native forest that is part of a long term to restore and preserve our nature forests.

A blessing was given by Reverend Fred Holloway, accompanied by Reverend Judy Cooper before we were led down to the Natural Burial ground within a secluded area of regenerating native forest. After an introduction to the area, guests joined, while wearing high heel and suits, to more native plants.

Big thanks to Roscoe and his team for all their hard work and dedication and never letting any obstacles deter them from their goal.

Whatungarogaro te tangata toitu te whenua

As people disappear from sight, the land remains.


* There are strict guidelines for Natural Burials to speed up the natural processes to return the body and casket to the soil. The body cannot be partially or fully embalmed and the casket must be constructed with rapid biodegradable materials (minimum metal fixings only for essential structural purposes). Contact your Natural Burial ground for a copy of the guidelines.

See Friends of Waikumete Facebook page for more photos

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