Flesh eating mushrooms “Suiting Dennis”

Green burial? No problem, I'll wear my suit made of mushrooms.

The following short tender and heart wrenching documentary, Suiting Dennis, follows Dennis White and his family through the planning his Green Burial and becoming the first human adopter of the Mushroom Burial Suit.

Inventor, Jae Rhim Lee’s burial suit has the potential to revolutionise the funeral industry.  Spawned from the notion that mushrooms could be used to naturally decompose and cleanse toxins from a dead body, an idea manifested by a spore-laden jumpsuit meant to harmoniously eliminate pollutants while nourishing plants in the burial area.


Suiting Dennis: A family story of green funeral from Coeio on Vimeo.

Source: [Exclusive] Flesh-Eating Mushrooms Are the Future of Burial Tech | The Creators Project

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