• Low sides for a more natural viewing
  • Restrained material use minimises its environmental impact
  • Natural premium fleece mattress and pillow
  • Option of gallery or personalised lid
  • Matching urn available
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A beautiful iconic casket.

Award winning new Zealand design.

This model was named the ‘Artisan’ having been initially chosen by families of architects, artists and craftspeople. Many people are attracted to the woodgrain and wool fleece, environmentalists have chosen it for the minimal use of materials and eco-iconic appearance and others have chosen it just to express individuality. The Artisan’s unique design encourages celebration of life rather than mourning the death and is particularly suited to those who refused a life of grey conformity.

Families wanting an open casket will find the low sides a welcome feature – mourners can sit with the deceased without having to stand and peer down into a box.