Sailing away

Personalised casket for an avid sailor.

On occasion we have the honour to work with families and the Funeral Director in personalising a casket that truly represented their loved one.

Fraser Gillie’s Father was a passionate boatie and the family wanted this reflected in his casket. The family supplied us with a few photos, and Sue one of our awesome in-house designers prepared the images so we could print a selection directly onto an Artisan casket.

Here is an extract from the feedback we received from Fraser:

“We had the service for my father yesterday afternoon and the job you did on the Artisan casket was amazing and just blew people away! There were about 180 people at the Club with many boaties of all ages who were dumbfounded at what they saw. For others this was the case also. So many people were asking about it and where it came from, was it made by a boat builder and how did the images get there.

So many were saying that was the deal for them and others when their time comes!
So it made a huge impact on the service and everyone attending it.
Many thanks to you, the amazing job Sue did on the images and the team”


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