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More New Zealanders care about the environment and are converting that care into their purchasing decisions now than ever before. That is according to the annual Colmar Brunton Better Futures Report.

In summary the report tells us more consumers than ever are including environmental considerations in their purchasing decisions and that this will only increase in their future purchases.

Globally, the A C Neilson annual global corporate sustainability report, tells us that 66% of global consumers say are willing to pay more for sustainable brands — up 55% from 2014.

“The hierarchy among drivers of consumer loyalty and brand performance is changing, Commitment to social and environmental responsibility is surpassing some of the more traditional influences for many consumers.”

So, even if we are not seeing families choosing a funeral home based on their environmental efforts, what we do know is that more families care about the environment now than ever before. So at the very least, by communicating to your families you care for the environment, even just on your website, it can only add value for those families that care.

At Return to Sender, we believe that making the smallest environmental footprint is the right thing to do anyway.

We are certainly seeing this trend play out.  Furthermore based on the government funded research undertaken last year, we know that for every Return to Sender pine coloured casket purchased rather than an MDF casket, there is 16.9 kg of carbon equivalent saved.

That adds up to at least 10 tonnes over a 12 month period of carbon saved making a sizeable reduction on climate change.

There are plenty of ways you can take steps within your funeral home to make a difference to the environment. Asking suppliers to provide you with information about the environmental credentials of their products is a good place to start!

You can also save money on power bills by implementing an energy saving programme.

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